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Wedding Cake Ideas

What Should You Look for in a Cake.

The cake is an important part of the wedding. Like the gown, many brides have an image of what the cake should look like. Then again, many brides do not even think of the cake till the last minute. There are several things to consider when deciding on a cake.


Though it often takes a back seat to appearance, the taste of the cake is important. If it is pleasing and delicious, it will be more special to you. Something to consider also is how popular is the flavor. Carrot cake, though delicious (and one of our favorites) is too unusual for everyone to enjoy. Here at Hofer's, we recommend our Butter Pound cake. The recipe has been developed over the years and will be sure to delight you and your guests.


If your cake is made well in advance, you will be sure that it will be ready for your ceremony. You can also be sure that not many people will enjoy it. Here at Hofer's, we bake and decorate your Cake the day before your Wedding so you are assured of freshness!


Perhaps the most important aspect, the cake should look like it belongs at your wedding. If possible, take pictures of the reception hall prior to ordering the cake. The pictures will help us decide on an appearance that matches or plays off the surroundings. A white cake will be very striking in a colorful environment.


Make sure the cake is "in balance" with the rest of the reception. Are you ordering a chocolate cake, even though you have other chocolate desserts? Are you ordering an exquisite ten-layer masterpiece for a cozy reception of close friends?


Remember this is the centerpiece of the reception. It should make an impression. Your cake can be either quite simple or very extravagant. However, the cake should not be a forgotten part of the ceremony, glanced at once and never mentioned again.

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